"Revelation Bundle"

by Bill & Mia Belew

Study: Heaven and hell, angels and demons, end times and time eternal.
Easy to Understand Retelling Study of the Book of Revelation
# Christian
# Angels
# Demons
# Religion
# Futuristic
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The Revelation Series is 3 books written by Bill Belew, veteran missionary to the Far East: Japan, Russia, China and India. Book 1 is a verse-by-verse exposition of the entire book. No skipping, addressing the hard parts: the Beast, the 4 Horsemen, 666, Armageddon ... Book 2 is an easy-to-read fictional retelling of the book of Revelation in story form for young adults and older. Readers will understand the message of the book the same way the first century readers did. Book 3 is a supplemental paraphrase of the entire book. When Bill reads the book of Revelation he also 'hears' Japanese, Chinese and Russian translations. He adds those voices to his insights from his Greek studies while in graduate school 40 years ago. Enjoy this 3-part series and get answers today as the mysteries in this last book of the Bible are revealed.