"The Giant Forest - Making of a Preteen Novel - with Alternate Ending: How a Father and Middle School Daughter Collaborated to Write a Novel for Preteen Readers"

by Bill & Mia Belew

A how to book - Retired Dad and 11-yo daughter collaborate on a debut novel, now 6-book series
Kids love to read AND write when a parent gets involved.
# Middle Grade
# Children's
# Christian
# How-To
# Parenting

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Welcome to the Growing Up Aimi series. We make promises that we are able to deliver on. We promise that if you and your middle grader read our books together you will develop a stronger relationship with them. You will know them better and they will love you more deeply. There are meaningful discussion questions at the end of each chapter that are natural segues from the current chapter. The young people in your life will be delighted you asked and thrilled if you give your answer, too. We’ve tested them and they work. We promise that our books are squeaky clean. You can recommend them to the young people in your life. You, too, can read them without blushing. We promise Christian themes that are NOT in your face: friendship, respect, loyalty, self-sacrifice, making impossible choices, perseverance, pursuing opportunities, fun and more. This is a How To Book. A father, retired US Navy Intelligence and 100% disabled veteran, and his 11-year old daughter collaborated to write a novel, a first for both. That first novel became book#1 in a 6-book series (2,000+ pages). https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086QZPNF2 <= check it out. This How To book addresses: How long did it take us to write the book? How did the brainstorming work? Who's fingers did most of the key pounding? What about proofreading and editing? Who were the beta readers? What about the illustrations? What about disagreements in the story? How were the disagreements resolved? More …. In this book is an alternate ending to our book 1 - The Giant Forest. You are welcome to take a look and decide which you like best - Mia's version or dad's version. Read our explanation on why the differences matter. There's a surprise at the end of this book, too. Next step is for you and a young person in your life to start writing their story. You know you want to.